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13 May modified: 6 years ago

Figur Shortcode

grav plugin unsplash

Now we're going to attempt and even more ambitious shortcode investigation with the creation of a custom shortcode plugin. I've been researching how to add variables to the shortcode. The content of these variables will be specified within the shortcode definition in the markdown markup in the artic…

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02 Mar modified: 6 years ago

Shortcode Sandbox

grav plugin shortcode Mike Arney | unsplash

Let's try a built-in core shortcode. The following shortcode will add an underline to some text. The third word is underlined. OK, now we are going to try a modified shortcode that I put together.

This one will turn the selected text bold and red. The trigger will be... (can't show you). Your chain…

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22 Feb modified: 6 years ago

Shortcode UI Plugin -- Tabs

grav plugin shortcode Peppe Ragusa | unsplash

Shortcodes seem like they have tremendous potential to incorporate "chunks" of html, css, javaScript into a page. An example of this would be the ui-tabs shortcode demonstrated below.

The tabs shortcode is included in the shortcode-ui plugin. This plugin, in turn, is dependent upon shortcode-core plugin.

It is my intention to study the coding that is shipped with these plugins in order to reverse engineer an understanding of how a shortcode can be built. My first attempt will be to convert the figure hack that I have already put together.

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