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Figure with Figcaption on a Page

graphics html Photographer Unknown | Google Images

The article below has been depricated. I've since built a shortcode that will allow direct insertion of a figure with source attribution and caption text.

Photo captions are hard! Best case scenario would be for someone to write a shortcode plugin for the html figure element.

However there is a technique we can use today. What could possibly go wrong?

Markdown freely allows the use of html tags. However, using markdown within html is a bit problematic. The solution is to add markdown="1" next to the figure tag. This is a grav thing that allows insertion of markdown in the html.

Custom classes like float-right and float-left can be added to extend the usefulness of figure.

Note: if a float is used, clearfix will need to be added to the parent element.

The width of the figure is set with the class fig-wrapper-1-3. This is hard-coded in _custom.scss with a 33% width.

<div class="fig-wrap clearfix">
<figure markdown="1" class="wdth-1-3 float-right">
![a race car](yellowRaceCar.jpg)
<cite>photo courtesy of who-knows-who</cite>
<figcaption>Lucky sense cares her chain without news including cheeses. Nimbly, grin knows your fedora below mothers since stones.</figcaption>

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NOTE: check why adding code callout throws an error.

a race car photo courtesy of who-knows-who

Lucky sense cares her chain without news including cheeses. Nimbly, grin knows your fedora below mothers since stones.

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