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29 Jan modified: 8 years ago

GSAP files as Named Assets

grav gsap

Adding GSAP TweenLite and dependencies as a named asset.

I'm having a terrible time getting named assets to work properly. For example, if I add the various files needed for a minimal instance of GSAP PLUS the custom-scripts file, it looks as if the stuff is being inserted into the footer error, but Dev Tools reports that there is a 404 error.

Need to look into this more at some point. Right now, I'm simply loading TweenMac and the custom-scripts files as separate .js entities into the footer area. This is working but not as elegantly as I would like.

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26 Jan modified: 8 years ago

Markdown in HTML

md html cookbook

Wrapping markdown into html

Although I understand that markdown extra needs to be enabled in order to add html classes to img tags. For example:

![Rubber Ducky - alt text](Ducky_500px.png?cropZoom=200,200) {.float-right}

Markdown pages are very comfortable running straight HTML in addition to markdo…

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25 Jan modified: 8 years ago

Simple CSS Image Slider

graphics html istock Photo

Cookbook tutorial for a CSS image slider containing four images. Relies on the jQuery plug-in named "Slidy". Rather crude, but it does seem to work with minimal set up... just some keyframe rules in the _custom.scss file.

Perhaps it might be worthwhile to explore the GSAP version of this technique? Definitely, but I'll need to wait until I have more skills to tackle that project. Reference files for GSAP technique are found at:

C:\Users\Gregory Chambers\_gProjects\GSAP_Instruction\gregGSAP_Class\Image Slider

Start by placing the images into this folder.

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